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Post Mix Cordials

Cordials are an essential ingredient behind any bar. Whether you are faced with a child who demands squash or a person requesting a vodka and lime for example, it is vital that you are able to deliver. Of course you can purchase bottles of cordial however this can become pricey and you are left with the dilemma of where to store them behind the bar, without looking untidy or unprofessional, yet still remaining close to hand.

Empire provides the perfect solution! Our selections of cordials are purchased as convenient bag in box products that are served through a fitted hand bar valve/gun dispenser. Not only does this solve any storage queries but also controls distribution and quantities served as well as reducing waste.

The impressive 10L post mix product supplies ample servings and therefore less frequent ordering and fewer deliveries. Each Empire cordial is mixed with a high syrup ratio resulting in a more economical product and an improved flavour.

With a choice of standard flavours you will be able to create any drink ordered.

  • Empire Orange
  • Empire Lime
  • Empire Blackcurrant

Empire is one of the few businesses that install still water through the gun dispenser not only for ease of use but also to achieve a level of professionalism that isn’t gained when using a tap!

If you need further guarantee that Empire products are the perfect choice for your business contact us for a free sample today!

Make sure that your bar is always prepared with quality bag in a box post mix cordials that guarantee premium results by using Empire as your supplier.