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Post Mix Products

The majority of businesses that experience high demand for beverages will be aware of the term ‘post mix’. Being the most popular method for soft drink dispensing it allows the user to serve quality beverages quickly with taste, carbonation and condition always at premium levels.

Post Mix refers to a system where a flavoured syrup concentrate is supplied typically as a ‘bag in a box’ container. The syrup works in connection with a source of water and a carbonator. The carbonated water is chilled before travelling through to the dispensing gun where it is finally mixed with the syrup resulting in a beverage that guarantees satisfaction.

No matter what flavour drink it will generally be able to be dispensed as a post mix beverage.

Post Mix Products List

View our entire range of bag in box products, and check the mix ratios and drink production for each one.

Post Mix Juices

As public demand changes you need to make sure that your business can keep up. As an alternative to fizzy soft drinks, Empire also deliver a delicious range of juices. Including Cranberry, Mango, Blackcurrant, Orange, Apple, Orange & Passion Fruit and Apple & Mango your bar will be able to satisfy all tastes.

Post Mix Cordials

Rather than storing cumbersome cordial bottles behind your bar why not offer convenient dispensing through your standard post mix hand gun. Neat and efficient, operation is clean, portion sizes controlled and serving quick and easy. With Orange, Lime and Blackcurrant on offer you can cover all potential demands.

Post Mix Mixers

With the popularity of cocktails booming, Empire have developed a new range of mixers allowing you to recreate the main characters of the tastiest drinks. With a choice of Ice Red, Ice Lemon, Ice Blue and Ice Iron Brew, mixed in ratios of 5:1 for maximised beverage, you can deliver popular alcopop flavours for a reduced cost.

Post Mix Carbonated Soft Drinks

As an authorised distributor of the well-known brands Pepsi and Coca-Cola, Empire offer more than anyone else. While many supply a standard 7 litre “Bag In Box”, Empire can deliver a more cost effective 10 litre product.

Empire’s own products taste amazing and can cater for all tastes. Alongside the typical Cola and Lemonade products you could also stock Orangeade, Cherryade, Iron Brew, Lemon & Lime and Mixed Fruits.